A couple of fake cigarette pranks

In the deceptive old school category 
is this fake cigarette burn prank.

Although cigarettes are rapidly going out of fashion, here are two cigarette pranks: a deceptive one to initially panic your victim, and a gravity defying fridge magnet that provides a more humorous and surreal response.

In the surreal category is this snuffed-out butt
that defies gravity. I believe this cigarette
might also be providing editorial comment.

"Kindly put out cigarette" fridge magnets

- "Kindly Put Out Cigarette" Fridge Magnets, Amron Exptl>>
- Fake CIgarette Burn,>>


  1. Thank you for informing this to us!

  2. Actually, I've been pranked when e-cigarettes are not that famous before. My brother who is smoking an e-cigarette puts the burning illusion of the e-cig's end onto my skin, I really yelled at him knowing that my skin will be burned. That's when I figured out that it was only an electronic type of cigarette that doesn't need any lighters to be lighted up.


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