The deception of show business and a horse that reads minds - the young magician Dick Cavett

 "How Do You Open for a Mind-Reading Horse?"
In this true story, Dick Cavett reflects on his early 
show business experience as a magician 
opening for a trick horse.

Do you, or someone else out there, have any idea what became of Ed Steib?

Let me make it easier. Maybe you remember him by the way he billed himself: “The Mysterious Mr. X and His Mind-Reading Horse.”

I guess not.

It was one of those nice times of day on the prairies of Nebraska (Lincoln, in this case) when evening is setting in and the mourning doves begin their soft, three-note coo (“hoo, hoo, ho-woo-oo”) that, wherever I hear it now, puts me right back on the glider on our front porch on 23rd St. (Are there still gliders?)

The phone rang. A sort of rough, rustic voice barked, “This is Ed Steib. Is this the young magician Dick Cavett I hear so much about?”

Since I was the only 14- year-old magician in Lincoln that I knew of with that name, I affirmed it.

“I want you to do a show with me and I’ll pay you a hundred dollars.”
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How Do You Open for a Mind-Reading Horse? Opinionater, The New York Times>>

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