Deceptive rooms - optical illusion artwork you walk inside, by Nils Nova

This spectator is guilty of trying to deceive you.
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No, he's still doing it.

There we go.

Artist Nils Nova creates room-sized installation artwork that causes you to see the room you're in in a new way. The above example is called Minus 90 degrees.

In the work below, Im Gegenlicht, (roughly translated as "In the Backlight"), the end of a narrow gallery continues with a large photograph attached to the wall. Did you notice the progressively smaller paintings attached to the back wall?

Do not keep walk quickly through this exhibit 
or there will be a cartoon moment.

In Mind the Gap, he's playing with many of our perceptions about the space. A wall covers some of the windows, and other windows are fake. A large cube camouflages itself when we approach from a certain angle. A painting on a wall mimics the foliage found outside the windows, while another painting of more foliage is attached to a wall covered in a large photographic mural. I'd bet that walking around this actual room your senses would be heightened as you tried to find more of these connections and illusions.

When you walk into the room, this large shape is to your left.

You might notice that the windows and floor 
and wall on the far end side of the room are fake.

 As you approach, you notice that the fake windows and floor
and wall are a photographic mural, but the painting 
attached to the mural is real.  And the wall on the 
right is covering some of the windows. 
And is that a green light coming from behind 
the wall, or is it a reflection from outside?

The painting on the wall covering the windows is of green 
foliage similar to the green foliage outside the windows.

When you turn around, you see the cube you walked past 
on your way in. Attached to it are photos of the view 
outside the window, and the floor, and the wall.

As you walk closer, at a certain point the cube seems 
to fade into the background, because the photos 
on the surface are now a form of camouflage, 
creating an interesting optical illusion.

As you approach the exit, now the opening 
looks like it's not quite "real."

And when you examine the painting to the 
left of the exit, you see it's made of steel,
painted to make the center more clear 
as it reflects the oddness of the room.

Nils Nova, Selected Works>>


  1. I just wished that you spoke English (either American or British) so we could have understood what you were talking about.

    It seemed like you wanted to convey something to us and I was excited to read what you wrote but unfortunately, I could not understand what you want to say.

  2. I understood it fine. Maybe you need to learn english.


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