Is this zombie warning sign in Boulder a prank?

One dark night, an electronic road construction  
sign had a more sinister warning.

An anonymous practical joker reprogrammed an electronic road sign in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado to warn of the coming zombie apocalypse, changing it to read:
"Zombies ahead."
When a project inspector noticed the new message, it was changed back to the mundane "Shoulder work Feb. 28 through June." He said the message-entry box had been left unlocked.

These types of signs must be easy to hack into and reprogram, because throughout the U.S., pranksters have repeatedly hacked in and altered the messages. (See Pranks with electronic road signs stir worry at msnbc>>)

The best part is the official statement from a Boulder spokeswoman:
"The city has received no reports of zombies."

" reports of zombies."
Isn't that what they always say that... until it's too late!
(Image from the movie "Zombieland")

I think "The city has received no reports of zombies" would make a great t-shirt.

Pranksters warn Boulder motorists of 'zombies ahead' on Foothills Parkway - Boulder Daily Camera>>

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