It's all fun and games until someone gets a pencil impaled in their buttocks

"Hey mom, look what I got at school!"

At Sailorway Middle School in Vermilion Ohio, one 12-year old tried pull a prank on another while they were in choir class. The prankster held a pencil underneath the kid in front of him as he began to sit down. Unfortunately, the pencil impaled itself 4 inches into the kid's buttocks, and he had to have emergency surgery to remove it.


The kid is okay and back in school and is mostly upset because he can't play baseball.

Although the "perp" has never been in trouble before, now he is.

Said a police detective:
"He thought it would be harmless. He thought it'd break and they'd get a good laugh, but that's not what happened at all."
As I always tell my kids when something bad happens when they do something wrong:
"Don't do that."
- Student Charged in Pencil Prank That Impaled Victim, Fox 8 Cleveland>>
- The giant pencil can be found at GreatBigStuff>>

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