The man with two wives

The happy couple - John and Lynn France
were married in Italy.

John and Lynn France were married in Italy and moved to Ohio.

They had two sons.

Six years later, John seemed distant and often disappeared for days at a time. Lynn got suspicious. In one incident, John told Lynn he was traveling in China, but she found his passport at home.

Lynn suspected he was cheating on her. She followed him to a hotel and discovered John and the other woman, named Amanda. Amanda responded by saying that she was engaged to John.

When Lynn looked up Amanda on Facebook she was shocked. She discovered that John was not having an affair with Amanda. She found out that John had married Amanda two years earlier at Disney World in Florida.

The happy couple - John and Amanda France
were married at Walt Disney World.

John left Ohio and took the two kids with him to Florida. He's suing her for full custody. And since there's no court order preventing him from taking the children, she cannot get them back. Lynn wants her sons back, and has charged her husband with bigamy.

John's defense? He says he was never married to Lynn to begin with, because their marriage in Italy was not valid due to a clerical error. Said his attorney, Gary Williams:
"The fact of the matter is that their marriage was never legally proper and therefore it does not actually exist."
Lynn went on TV and told her story on Today. She said John and Amanda taunt her through a Facebook account, presenting themselves as a loving family, only with John and Lynn's children.

Days after Lynn's Today appearance, John France appeared on the show with his wife Amanda. He said that Lynn knew that he and Amanda were getting married, and she's free to visit the kids at any time but refuses. The couple said that Lynn hasn't been telling the truth.

To further counteract the publicity showing John in a negative light, an anonymous group "run by activists supporting paternal rights" set up a web page supporting him called Facebook bigamist fabrication.

A Facebook page telling Lynn's side of the story is called Support Lynn France.

My opinion?

John wanted to trade in old wife for new wife.

Kids caught in the middle.

Lawyers involved.

First wife Lynn France

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