North Korean propaganda

A North Korean man being burnt alive

These paintings from a North Korean museum can provoke us to think many things. Are they based on real or imagined truths of war? Are they ridiculous, cliched over-exaggerations? Do they provide an insight into the way North Koreans look at the West?

Are they "true"?

U.S. crimes are on display at the 
Sinchon-Ri Museum in North Korea.

 A doctor and a priest torture a young boy.

 Four soldiers torture a North Korean man.

A U. S. soldier murders a child.

U. S. soldiers round up North Koreans.

Notice that the above painting loosely borrows elements from a famous work by Francisco Goya called The Third of May 1808.

"The Third of May 1808" by Francisco Goya, 1814.

- More images at US Crimes Sinchon-Ri Museum>>
- No Gun Ri Massacre, Wikipedia>>


  1. This is downright funny it is so wrong (:

  2. kinda looks like vietnam, not saying north korea is any better but america does tend to do this in the name of "freedom"

  3. interesting that all of these, save the last, look like they were done by the same artist...

  4. i gather they are different artists with same social realism style.

  5. @AnonymousDec 20, 2011 02:40 PM, Your joking, right? I think you're the only one on earth who doesn't understand that these are fabricated, fake scenes meant for use as "anti-imperialist" propaganda in the DPRK. Use a couple brain cells before you speak next time, please.

  6. Now, now, children. I know it's the Internet, but play nice with the North Korean propaganda.

  7. If anyone believes this to depict some reality of what happened, just inform yourselves about the context. Find out about NK's reality. Watch some videos on youtube about NK reality. In no time you will discover that NK leaders have no problem at all of lying and twisting the truth in order to make the point they want. No doubt the painter or painters neatly fit into this pattern.


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