The senior prank that carpeted the high school with 15,000 balloons

Another fun student prank.

At Verdigris High School in Oklahoma, senior students got permission from the superintendent and, according to one source, spent $750 and took 9 hours and 13 minutes to fill the hallways of the school with thousands of balloons.

There was a rumor of a fifty dollar bill inside one balloon, so the inflated balloons didn't last long once students entered the school.

To some, this type of prank may not be evil enough, because they want their pranks to be more transgressive and go beyond the boundaries, and how can you possibly do that with the administration's permission, and with colored balloons?

But if the senior students wanted to pull off a fun prank that got nobody in trouble and will be remembered, they accomplished their goal.

The party's over.

Senior Prank Fills Verdigris High School Hallways With Balloons, NewsOn6, Oklahoma>>

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