She started lying in junior high school to make herself interesting

The author blames Zsa Zsa Gabor for sending 
her down a path of compulsive lying.
"Zsa Zsa Gabor started it. After I woke up from a nightmare, my father let me sit on the couch with him while he watched "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson." Zsa Zsa was the guest and every man seemed to be in love with her. Even my father. She tilted her head toward Johnny and said, "My secret to keeping my husband happy? I make myself interesting, darling." Johnny almost fell out of his chair. My brain sucked up those words and held them. "Interesting" became my theme. It still is."
The lie I couldn't stop telling. In middle school, I invented an elaborate fiction about my childhood in Hawaii. One problem: Everyone believed it. Salon>>

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