Suicide bomber Mohammad Sidique Khan asked forgiveness for his deceit and lies

Mohammad Sidique Khan was the leader of the four men 
who committed coordinated suicide bombing attacks 
in London on July 5, 2005, killing 52 people.

It was important to Mr. Khan to seek forgiveness for his deceptions. Mr. Khan, who had a wife and young daughter, left the following in his will to his wife:
"You have been very patient with me even though I never told you what I was doing and often lied to you... I know you trusted me and for that I thank you... Please forgive me for the deceit, lies and my absence, it was to please Allah."

The spot where Mr. Khan blew himself up on a train, 
killing seven people, including himself.

Bombing survivor Daniel Biddle, who was standing near Mr. Khan on the train, talked about the bombing at a government inquest:
"Before he set the device off he looked up and along the carriage and just looked down. He didn't say anything or shout anything I remember hearing. He got his head down, moved his arm and the next thing I am outside the train...

I had quite a lot of metal on top of me. It was very dark and dusty. My first thought was, 'Jesus Christ, the doors have given and I have fallen out of the train.' It was when I tried to move and I couldn't, and as the dust and smoke settled and the noises started, that I realised something bad had happened. There was a bluish flame on my arms and hands. It went out on its own, like a flash flame...

I repositioned my shoulders and reached behind me and pulled out a leg and foot...

I was terrified, seeing what I had seen, and thought I was going to die. So I was screaming just as loud as I could to get help."
The explosion caused Mr. Biddle to lose both of his legs, his left eye and his spleen.

Mr. Daniel Biddle 

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