"You're all worthless and weak! Now drop and give me twenty!"

Timothy D. Neidermeyer

Three men from “Fair Finance Company” were indicted on fraud charges. The company closed after an FBI raid and was forced into bankruptcy by creditors. Three executives were accused of loaning themselves $176 million from the company.

CEO Timothy S. Durham, Chairman James F. Cochran and CFO Rick D. Snow supposedly “deceived and defrauded investors by making and causing others to make false and misleading statements about Fair’s financial condition and about the manner in which they were using Fair investor money.”

Timothy S. Durham is also CEO of the National Lampoon media company.

Timothy S. Durham, 
former CEO of Fair Finance Company

Doug Neidermeyer,  
Head of the ROTC, Faber College,
National Lampoon’s Animal House

Fair Finance Chief Durham, 2 Other Officers Face Federal Fraud Charges, Bloomberg>>

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