Want to steal millions with a PC virus scam? Exploit a very wealthy (and paranoid) customer

Sometimes, when a super rich guy 
comes into your shop, you hit the jackpot.

As they say, you can't make these things up.

In 2004, Roger Davidson, a 58-year-old wealthy oil heir and musician, brought his computer into a local shop in upstate New York to be cleared of a computer virus. He was worried because he didn't want to lose the music he'd written, plus important financial emails and loads of pornography.

Ingvarsdottir and Bedi

Somehow, the computer company owner, Vickram Bedi, 36, and his girlfriend, Helga Ingvarsdottir, 39, convinced him he had more problems than a virus.

Over six years, they told Mr. Davidson the following:
  • The United States and French governments had planted the virus on his computer.
  • High-tech hackers were being deployed to recover Mr. Davidson's family's unpaid taxes.
  • He was being targeted by an Indian "black-ops" group.
  • A group of Polish priests from the secretive Opus Dei sect were out to get him. (Opus Dei was a sinister part of the novel and film The Da Vinci Code.)
  • They traced the source of the virus to a hard drive hidden in Honduras, and Mr. Bedi sent his uncle - an operative in the Indian Military - on a mission that was able to successfully retrieve the drive. 
  • The Central Intelligence Agency had employed Mr. Bedi to prevent Opus Dei from infiltrating the U.S. government.
  • Local people were trying to assassinate him.

Mr. Davidson paid this computer business 
more money than most customers.

Mr. Davidson appointed Mr Bedi and Ms. Ingvarsdottir to his music charity, the Society for Universal Sacred Music. And he gave them access to his $60 million family trust.

Overall, Mr. Davidson paid them a lot of money to fix all these problems.

Twenty million dollars.

The plot was disclosed when two local residents found GPS devices attached to their cars. (These residents were supposedly some of the hometown assassins.) They contacted police.

The couple has been charged with first degree grand larceny, with a possible 8 - 25 years prison sentence. Police are also looking for others who were likely involved in the scam.

What did the couple do with all the money? Well, here's one thing they bought:

When Mr Bedi and Ms. Ingvarsdottir donated some 
of their money ($20,000) to the Democratic 
Party, they got to have this picture taken. 

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