The weird photography of Pedro Campos

A photograph of an untitled work 
of lemons in aluminum foil

All of these are photographs of Pedro Campos' work. There is something strange about these photographs. For instance, why are lemons being posed inside an aluminum foil basket? Are the lemons about to be baked? I get the feeling that there's more going on here. Has he added some subliminal message in the foil?

 Triumph by Pedro Campos

Mr. Campos calls this Triumph, because of the Triumph motorcycle, of course. But what's going on with that out-of-focus woman in the back? Isn't she on the cover of a magazine? And if so, then isn't the motorcycle a small toy?

Untitled by Pedro Campos

Are all of the apples above actually apples? The green apple in front seems too big compared to the yellow one behind it. And I think I see some other object underneath the plastic wrap. (In the back, left. Is it a spoon?)

Untitled by Pedro Campos

It's difficult to get glass to look right. And has something else been captured in the reflection of the glass goblet?

 Untitled by Pedro Campos

I included this one because Mr. Campos does not usually include people, or any parts of people, in what he does. I suppose it's possible that these are the feet of Mr Campos, but they look more like a younger person's feet, or maybe a woman's feet. At first I was bored by this one because it looks just like many other snapshots taken at the beach. But there's something unsettling about it.

I could find no biographical details about Mr. Campos, although you can buy his work at the Plus One Gallery, or go to his website and see more. All I really know of him is that he is a painter who paints in the style of hyperrealism.

Pedro Campos>>
Plus One Gallery>>


  1. They are NOT PHOTOS! They're PAINTINGS! That's why they're impressive! Do a little research.

  2. Yup.. a definite reason those "photographs" look strange.. hahaha

  3. Just wow... You say the paintings of one of the most amazing artist are photographies and try to find the meaning to them... Unbelievable... Please, do a research next time, before you get all deep in the meanings of someone's art

  4. "All of these are photographs of Pedro Campos' work."


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