6 vintage secret CIA documents

You know the secret information may not be
very secret when it is currently available 
as a vintage children's toy.

The Central Intelligence Agency released 6 declassified documents about secret writing techniques which are thought to be the last classified documents from the World War 1 era.

This gives us an idea about how long it takes for the CIA to release secret documents.

Each of these links directly opens a PDF file. Some are in French.

Secret writing document one
Secret writing document two
Secret writing document three
Secret writing document four
Secret writing document five
Secret writing document six

In other news, it is rumored that the CIA might soon declassify one of its early disguises:

 The mustache lollipop  


  1. Herbert Yardley revealed all these methods in 1931 in his book The Black Chamber. The book was in response to Henry Stimson shutting down America's covert signal intelligence gathering capability. Interestingly enough, there wasn't a CIA when any of this was printed his book or these documents were produced.

    Covert Alert

  2. I would bet that most of these "secret" methods were published years before in science/magic books. These recent document releases only confirm that there were secret documents.


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