Cartoonist hid 7 seconds of abstract art in a Woody Woodpecker cartoon

It's a modern art explosion.

The cartoon character Woody Woodpecker is not the only trickster associated with this cartoon.
"...Mr. Klein watched that maniacal red-topped bird smash a steamroller through the door of a shed. The screen then exploded into images that looked less like the stuff of a Walter Lantz cartoon than like something Willem de Kooning might have hung on a wall.
 A Willem de Kooning painting from 1949
“What was that?” Mr. Klein, now an animation professor at Loyola Marymount University, recalled thinking. Only later, after years of scholarly detective work, did he decide that he had been looking at genuine art that was cleverly concealed by an ambitious and slightly frustrated animation director named Shamus Culhane."

Find the abstract art in this 1945 Woody Woodpecker cartoon "The Loose Nut"

That Noisy Woodpecker Had an Animated Secret, The New York Times>>

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