The deceptive Tennessee pot cave

It was an innocent-looking A-frame house.

In 2005, an illegal marijuana grow operation was discovered inside a cave underneath a house in Tennessee after the utility company discovered the house was stealing electricity. The mastermind and marijuana farm managers were arrested and convicted. Later, the A-frame house and another nearby home were destroyed by arson. The pot cave and property were auctioned by the state and purchased by a Wisconsin-based cheese maker.

This reminds me of a Prohibition-era speakeasy, but without the tuxedos and jazz band.

A secret passageway led from the house to the 
cave via this hydraulic door secret entrance.

The reason for the secrecy? The 400 - 500 marijuana plants.

A secret vertical escape tunnel.

The tunnel led to an escape hatch 
trap door concealed by a fake rock.

The Full Story Behind The Great Tennessee Pot Cave, Spark Report>>

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