Nine fake buildings by artist Han Sungpil

Han Sungpil - Light of Magritte 2009

Artist Hans Sungpil (or Hans Sung-Pil) transforms buildings in two ways - he alters the temporary facades that cover buildings during renovation, or he creates a permanent illusion by painting murals. I can’t easily tell which is which in these photos. Click on any of the photos to enlarge and see the details.

 Han Sungpil - Magical Watermill 2009

 Han Sungpil - Overlapped in Time 2005

 Han Sungpil - Paparazzi 2009

Han Sungpil - Plastic Surgery 2008

 Han Sungpil - Swimming in the Sky 2009

 Han Sungpil - The Ivy Space 2009

Han Sungpil - The Wonderland Circus 2009

 Han Sungpil - Replacement 2006

- Hans Sungpil>>
- Han Sung-Pil at Artfacts>>

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