A realistic fake stone statue costume from the Dr. Who TV episode "Blink"

The weeping angel from Dr. Who

One of the scariest episodes of the Dr. Who television series was called "Blink." The villains were aliens who looked like stone angel statues, and they only moved when you weren't looking at them, so you couldn't blink or they'd get you.

A replica of the TV statue

A woman with the screen name "penwiper" decided to make and wear a weeping angel costume for her 2008 visit to the fantasy/science fiction convention DragonCon. Her costume was so realistically stone-like that she fooled many people into thinking it was not a costume.

She did not frighten little children.

I think the cleverest part were her hands and arms, created from a pair of ladies' opaque tights. She cut and sewed them into gloves, painted them, and applied fake fingernails, which was much easier than applying makeup.

The weeping angel gloves, in their flaccid state.

The weeping angel glove

The weeping angel glove, showing the seams

This is what happened if you blinked 
during the Dr. Who episode.

This is what happened if you blinked 
during the convention.

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  1. I would really like a costume of this aptitude as an outfit this year. if someone can put me in touch with the designer I would greatly appreciate it. red1hawk24@yahoo.com

    1. http://crafty-tardis.livejournal.com/152724.html


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