Severed heads, piles of trash and hanging out - optical illusion art by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Dirty White Trash (With Gulls) 1998
Six months' worth of the artists' trash 
creates their silhouettes.
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These three deceptive works were created by artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster.
"Carefully assembling seemingly random formations of ordinary junk or taxidermic animals and then lighting them from just the right angle, the artists achieve virtuoso likenesses in the resulting shadows. In some of the works, the shadows depict lighthearted, kitschy, or even romantic scenes that contrast sharply with the vulgar materials that create them..."

- Guggenheim Museum

Kiss of Death, 2003
An homage to the Tower of London, 
the artist's heads are impaled on stakes.
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The Crack, 2004, a view in daylight.
It looks like an assemblage of junk 
without the correct lighting.
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The Crack, 2004, a view in spotlight.
The junk is revealed: a portrait of the artists.
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