There are two Daniel Behars - and one is messing with the other on Google

 Daniel Behar

 Daniel Behar

There are two men with the name of Daniel Behar. This is how one of them copes.
"Four years ago, Bejar received an effusive e-mail from a man in southern Ontario, a self-described “musical enthusiast”; apparently, the man had meant to reach a different Daniel Bejar, a singer and songwriter from Vancouver who leads a band called Destroyer. Bejar studied up on Bejar. “I was, like, all right—we’re going to share this for the rest of our lives,” Bejar said. “He’s not going to stop making music, and I’m not going to stop making art. But it took a while for me to figure out what to do.”

This is what Bejar did: He grew his hair into a frizzy mane, and he grew a beard, and then he set about re-creating some of the most widely circulated images of Bejar the musician, who has frizzy hair and a beard. Their faces aren’t identical—Bejar the artist has a more assertive brow and a narrower face—but the resemblance in the images is pretty close. He called his project “The Googlegänger,” and he put his work online. So far, at least two reviews of the new Destroyer album, “Kaputt,” have been accompanied by images of Bejar instead of Bejar."
- Daniel Bejar/Destroyer (The Googlegänger)>>

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