3 playing cards assembled in a deceptive way

An intriguing puzzle created 
by George Miller.

It looks just as impossible when 
the cards are facing out.

George Miller creates puzzles and makes prototypes of puzzles for other puzzle-makers. His design called "Three Card Burr" from 2002 is made of three playing cards that have been cut to allow them to be locked together and displayed in a plastic stand.

 Typical burr puzzle

A burr puzzle is a puzzle with at least three pieces intersecting each other at right angles. Burr puzzles are usually made of six pieces of notched wood and locked together to create a shape.

In Mr. Miller's puzzle, the cards can be assembled without tearing or creasing them, and once they're put together they cannot be taken apart without destroying them.

George Miller

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- History of burr puzzles (and photo) The Encyclopedia of Science, David Darling>>

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