Body cavity searches for high school prom

From an image found on a banner of
the Saint Viator High School web site

A letter on school stationary was sent to all the parents of graduating seniors at Saint Viator High School, a Catholic school in Arlington Heights, Illinois:
Dear parents of Saint Viator Seniors,

As we approach prom and graduation, students and faculty alike are excited for this festive season. Prom is a very special event for the students, and the Saint Viator faculty encourages all reasonable and safe celebration.

Unfortunately, there have been issues in the past regarding illicit materials being brought into the prom banquet hall and post-prom cruise. Handbags and coat pockets are checked for contraband, but this measure has proven insufficient. In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere, there will be mandatory body cavity searches performed before prom, as well as prior to boarding the cruise. Sanitary procedures will be used to safely inspect all students' bodily orifices. This will be done in a thorough, but dignified manner.

We hope that this precaution prevents inappropriate materials from being utilized during prom. It is certain to be an enjoyable night for all involved, and we thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


The Saint Viator staff
Although the Saint Viator staff has denied writing the above letter, the school did begin a mandatory drug-screening program that tested student's hair for drugs, which started in 2007. Parents who called the school office were told the letter was a prank.
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