Hide a speaker inside fake books

You must be willing to cannibalize 
some books to insert the speakers.

Steve Hoefer is a freelance problem solver and writer. Here, he shows us how to hide small speakers inside fake books.
My sister Pat had recently given me some hollowed-out books as a gift, the kind for keeping stuff in—possibly hidden.  She had removed all the pages and rebuilt the ‘pages’ in foam board then covered them with material to make it look like paper. They were not only easier to make than the usual ‘cut out the middle of every page and glue them all together’ method, but they were lighter too. And they looked great.

I used this as inspiration, since a couple small books were exactly the size I was thinking of and I can’t find anything wrong with having a few more books lying around...
Book Camouflage: The Speakerbook,. Grathio Labs>>

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