The incredibly warped optical illusion table

A circular "café wall" optical illusion table

It's even more obvious from overhead

This table is made of four concentric circles that are actual, true circles, even though our brain processes them as spirals.  It was handmade by Mike Guetta from ExoticTiles in Montreal, Canada. This visual effect is based on the café wall optical illusion.

The café wall illusion

The actual café

The illusion was first observed on an actual café wall in Bristol, England, and explained in a paper by Richard L. Gregory and Priscilla Heard in Perception magazine.

Buy a homemade table for your own illusionistic café: Café Wall Illusion Table, Etsy>>

- See a moving version of the illusion at Café Wall Illusion, Michael Bach>>
- An interactive version, at IllusionWorks>>
- From the Exploratorium>>
- Technical explanation of the illusion at Dr. Gregory's site>>

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