Kids! Learn about media saturation with this cool game from the government!

It lets you live the Adventure.

Admongo is an online game that tries to teach kids critical thinking skills about advertising and marketing. It wants to foster media literacy among kids by warning them that ads are everywhere, but it's more like a boring school lesson delivered in a game-like format.

For instance, in the first level of the game, you "find" ads in a street scene, and when you do, the game tells you that what you've found is an ad, and copy appears, such as:
"Billboards show a giant ad. Have you seen any where you live? What do they advertise?"
I think kids might learn more about advertising by watching clips from episodes of The Simpsons, which routinely makes fun of ads.

The game was created by the U. S. government's Federal Trade Commission.

- Admongo>>
- World of Adcraft, The government video game that teaches kids about the perils of advertising. Slate>>

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