Nerdy shirts supplied with fake pens

Fake pens silk-screened on a shirt

Fake leaky pen t-shirt 
(For when you don't need a functional pen, 
and want the illusion of sloppiness)
 Cafe Press>>

Multiple fake pens in a t-shirt pocket
(For when you're so cool, you
really really don't need a pen)

Multiple fake pens in a fake pocket protector
(For when you need fake protection 
from all your fake pens)

- Large long sleeve mens dress shirt with fake pen print (pale lavender), Social Studies, Etsy>>
- Fake Pen Pocket - Optical Illusion T Shirt, Illusionwear>>
- Leaky Pen in Pocket Shirt, Cafe Press>>
- Nerd fake pens shirt, Zazzle>>

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