Was she deceptive to meet celebrities, or did they help her forget her deceptions?

She had her photo taken with Susan Boyle 
(and she also saw Westlife, JLS, The Wanted on tour, 
Ronan Keating, Stephen Gately from Boyzone, 
Alexandra Burke, X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent...)

Jayne McKnight, a 45-year old woman in the UK, had one daughter who was disabled with epilepsy, which entitled her to claim £3,900 a year in child tax credits. Then, over seven years, she falsely claimed her other three children and her husband were also disabled with various ailments, including epilepsy, severe learning difficulties and gout, and she was reimbursed for child-care and after-school costs. She fraudulently claimed a total of £112,000 in tax credits.

She attended UK talent shows and auditions and saw dozens of concerts.

She said she was ‘happiest when at a gig.’

She was sentenced to two years in jail.

- Wolverhampton woman's disability credits fraud, BBC>>
- The groupie benefits cheat: Mother's £112,000 fraud funded her celebrity obsession, Mail Online, UK>>

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