How to prevent the other kind of cheating in bars

These activities are enhanced by copious 
quantities of alcoholic beverages.

A pub quiz is a trivia night held in a bar, where participants try to answer questions to win prizes. They're a tradition that's been used in pubs, especially in the UK, to get drinkers to stay longer (and drink more, of course.)

But technology in the form of smart phones with internet access has made cheating easier. What to do? What questions can be asked that a phone can't answer? Some bars have solved the problem naturally by being located in basements where they don't receive wireless signals. And sometimes the questions have gotten more complicated.

Some Google-proof questions:
  1. What pop song title is: "A man stands in a severely dilapidated dwelling and realizes he won't have the chance to do the necessary DIY before he dies"?
  2. What pop song title is: "In an area of low pressure and high humidity, a series of bodies falls from the sky at approximately 22:30"?
  3. What connects... a single by the Pogues, an Italian island resort and a unit of electrical current?
  4. Which film features dialogue which has been mistranslated as follows: "No Christ - this is an imp"?
  5. Which film features dialogue which has been mistranslated as follows: "Thoroughfares? Where we shall be, we are not wanting thoroughfares"?
  6. Which TV show begins as follows: "A man peruses a selection of leather-bound books, rejecting a couple, finally choosing one with a cheaper book hidden inside"?
  7. Which TV show begins as follows: "A bus causes an ironic wardrobe malfunction"?
  1. This Ole House
  2. It's Raining Men
  3. What connects: Ford cars (Fiesta, Capri, Ka)
  4. Mistranslated movie lines: Life of Brian ("He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy")
  5. Back to the Future ("Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads?")
  6. Blackadder the Third
  7. Sex and the City
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