Magic stunt almost kills handcuffed magician

Michael Anthony Mooney, who performs under 
the name "The Great Moodini," is lucky to be alive. 
That's his head about to hit the pavement.

Moodini was performing a stunt with a bag over his head at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

His goal was to escape from his handcuffs, which were attached to a 100-yard chain behind a car about to speed away.

Unfortunately, he failed.

Moodini broke his ankle, his wrist, his finger and his clavicle.

Despite the adage that no publicity is bad publicity, his failure is probably not the best advertisement for someone who purports to do miracles.

How did he fail? I know those handcuffs, and they were not the problem. Moodini made a mistake in timing - either the car went too fast or the chain got bunched up, giving him less time than he needed.

He also made the error of not having a fail-safe. He might have wanted the chain to be able to break before it could transfer all that energy to his body.

Moodini said he's not going to perform the stunt again.

Magician injured - the cell phone camera view

Magician injured - The view from the stands

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