"The trouble with us in America isn't that the poetry of life has turned to prose, but that it has turned to advertising copy."

Closeup of an ad from 1955 for Cashmere Bouquet soap
(See the complete ad below)

The quote is from Louis Kronenberger, a writer, and editor of many books on the theater, in his 1955 book Company Manners: a Cultural Inquiry into American Life. He wrote his book around the same year as the beauty ad below appeared. Some advertising copy from the ad:
"It's such wholesome beauty care for my dry skin! I never knew any soap could do so much so gently until Candy taught me to beauty-wash twice very day with mild Cashmere Bouquet, I just cream that fluffy, fragrant lather over my face with my fingertips. It leaves my skin looking wonderful - smoother, softer, with a lovely, fresh glow."

A Cashmere Bouquet Soap advertisement, 
featuring Candy Jones and Joan Fetherston.
(Click to enlarge)

Advertisement from 1955 swiped from Found in Mom's Basement>>

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