You can disguise your voice

Some people can sound like they're from 
anywhere, and they don't need to wear this 
Dr. Who Dalek voice-changer helmet to do so.

Millions have been impressed by the ability of the people in these videos to change their accents. Just imagine how thoroughly you'd be deceived if you spoke with them and they were also disguised by makeup and costume.

The English Language In 24 Accents 
Some of his spur-of-the-moment accented language is NSFW.

21 Accents
Actress and teacher Amy Walker introduces herself over and over in different accents.

How To Disguise Your Voice
Gareth Jameson is an actor and voice coach: "The things you can change about your voice are your accent, your intonation, your diction, your rate of speech, your voice quality and your volume."

Gareth Jameson, Videojug>>

Dr. Who Dalek Helmet, Starstore>>

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