8 deceptive and playful artworks by Helmut Smits

Dead Pixel in Google Earth
(An approximately two-and-a-half-foot square
has been burned into the grass.)

The works of Helmut Smits fool me and/or make me laugh. He's a multidisciplinary visual artist who lives and creates in the Netherlands.

(It's not an optical illusion, but it reminds me of one.)

Nature in the Netherlands
(Blown-up plant labels decorate a nature reserve.)

Quarter Pipe
(For masochistic skateboarders.)

(A window broken by accident is
repaired with a leaded glass technique.)

Striped Shirt
(Blue ballpoint pen on a white button-down shirt.)

Without Cabinet
(No need to go to Ikea.)

Idea - Copy a Cloud
(Apply graffiti on a wall to imitate nature.)

(How a simple change of location changes everything.)

Helmut Smits>>

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