Famous person sues someone for looking like her

Kim Kardashian sued the woman below

Melissa Molinaro

Reality TV celebrity Kim Kardashian sued another woman, singer and reality TV celebrity Melissa Molinaro, for appearing in an Old Navy TV commerical. Ms. Kardashian's suit claims that since Ms. Molinaro is using her image to sell products, the fact that she looks like Ms. Kardashian might deceive and confuse consumers.

Can modern technology confuse one woman with another? I tested Ms. Kardashian's claim of deception by using Google's "search by image" function, where it searches and finds visually similar images. I used the above image of Ms. Kardashian, which returned 1,630,000 "similar" images. Here are a few I found on the first page of results:

Caroline D'Amore, 
a model and actress

Kanye West, a rap singer 
who dated Ms. Kardashian

I didn't realize Google's image algorithm is smart enough to also find people who've slept with the first image.

Priyanka Chopra, an Indian actress 
and former Miss World

Rihanna, a musician

Musician Justin Bieber in a scary-looking 
photo I hope is fake. It looks uncomfortably 
like the actor Steve Buscemi.

If we search Google Images using Melissa Molinaro's photo, we get about 200,000 results. Excluding any images of Ms. Molinaro, they include:

April Kelly, a finalist for 
Miss Cork 2011 in Ireland

Anna Popplewell, an actress who 
appeared in "The Chronicles 
of Narnia" movies

Pelli Kani Prasad, 
an Indian actress

Sarah Hyland, an actress who 
appears on the TV show 
"Modern Family"

Some guy at a children's 
reception in Belgium

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  1. There's an internet meme of adding Steve Buscemi's eyes to photos of people. I assume that's why the Bieber picture looks so much like him...

  2. TacoDave: I thought I was up on most of the Internet memes, but I hadn't seen Buscemi eyeballs. Of course, the real strange thing is why Bieber with Buscemi's eyes comes up in a search for Melissa Molinaro.


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