How to disappear

"...all you need to disappear is 
'a good computer and a 14-year-old kid.' 
And perhaps a dead person, too."

Some advice on how to hide yourself, from The New York Times:
How does one perform a vanishing act these days? In an age of smart phones and GPS — not to mention anonymity-piercing paparazzi and celebrity magazines — is it really still possible to disappear?

Absolutely, said Frank M. Ahearn, the author of the concisely titled primer “How to Disappear.” “Technology is a double-edged sword,” said Mr. Ahearn, a “skip tracing” expert who used to track missing people through credit-card and phone records and the like. “It can be used to find or to conceal. The real question is: Who’s better at technology? You or the people trying to hunt you?”
- How to Pull Off a Vanishing Act, The New York Times>>
- Cartoon is a modified version of a comic strip called the "Amazing Disappearing Act" by Matt Atack from Stuff is Happening>>

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