How to import fake Chinese cigarettes

She told us to use the internets!

From a story by Justin Rohrlich at Minyanville
So, just how easy is it to set up shop as an importer of illegal, untaxed counterfeit Chinese cigarettes?

I headed over to, which advertises "Perfect American Cigarettes for You," and assures potential buyers:

"We care of our customers and and offer the quality products they may need. You can see an extensive assortment of cigarettes on our website."

The extensive assortment includes (ostensibly without the approval of the attorneys general of the states involved) not only counterfeit smokes, but counterfeit smokes with counterfeit tax stamps for pretty much any state you'd like -- just a FedEx shipment away...
It may be easy, but I must assume reselling these cigarettes is illegal.

 Look How Easy it is to Import Counterfeit Chinese Cigarettes, Minyanville>>

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