Optical illusions on buildings - photographic art by Renate Buser

Installation Ecublens EPFL Lausanne 2006

Look closely at the photo above - a large semi-transparent photograph slices open the building while revealing the building underneath. These artworks create illusions by using large-scale photographs to skew our perspective.

Neue Arbeiten und ein Buch 2008

A photograph seems to be a mirror reflecting a window, but the angles are all wrong.

Oris 2009

A building is made transparent - and shorter.

1111 Lincoln Road -Tower piece 2006-2007

A Florida building gains a new angle, especially if you're driving by.

Wocher-Panorama 2008
(Click to enlarge)

This building contains a large 360 degree painting of the city of Thun, Switzerland, painted from 1809 to 1814, called the Wocher Panorama. In Ms. Buser's photographic illusion, she opens the solid building to reveal that there's nothing on the walls. Is that true? Is that what's really inside? We think she must have tricked us and erased the famous painting. But if you go inside, you discover she wasn't deceiving us at all. The building does look like that on the inside - on the lower floor. The mural is located on the upper floor.  

Ms. Buser lives and works in Basel, Switzerland.

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