Tricksters send Chinese officials on many trips

It seemed like a simple public relations story.

In China, county mayor Li Ningyi, vice-mayor Tang Xiaobing and another man were inspecting a newly-built road at Lihong Town. As is common at such events, photos were taken.

But a worker decided to improve one photo by removing the men from their original background and substituting another photo of the completed road. Unfortunately, his Photoshop skills were lacking, and the three men looked like they were floating above the road.

Chinese tricksters then pasted the men into many other landscapes, many of them absurd. Some of the newly altered photos may have other meanings, as well.

The Photoshopped photo 
that started all the hubbub.

The officials examine a flood.

The officials at a sex crimes arrest.

The officials admire a sexy sculpture park.

The officials atop the Jesus statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Some of the altered photos have more obvious political overtones.

The officials appear at a site where a 
fruit vendor was chased, knocked down 
the stairs and seriously injured 
by urban administrators.

The officials also appeared with "Guo Meimei Baby", 
a 20-year-old woman who appeared online 
flaunting her wealth and saying she worked for the 
Red Cross Society of China, which fueled suspicions 
that the charity was corrupt. (Later it was found that 
the luxury items were from her boyfriend, a charity official.)

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