When cigarette lighters try to kill

A cigarette lighter-shaped gun 
from North American Arms

 A gun-shaped cigarette lighter 
from China

A woman in Southern California saw a cigarette lighter lying on the ground. Novelty lighters can look like all sorts of things - mobile phones, packs of playing cards, lipstick cases. This replica lighter looked like a miniature gun.

The woman, Rachel Avila, tried to light the lighter. Her first try, nothing happened. The second time, the lighter fired a 22-caliber bullet, which shot her 12-year-old daughter.

Her daughter, who was shot in the arm, was treated at a hospital and released.

For those who like to argue, who's more "at fault" in this - the maker of the small gun, the maker of the replica lighter, the person who lost the gun, or the mom who couldn't tell a real gun from a fake gun?

The actual gun, four inches long, 
from the Banning Police Department

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  1. This first one isn't a lighter-shaped gun. It's a GUN-shaped gun. Gawd.

  2. I would never like to fail out any chance to read out your listings.


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