"Where's Waldo?" pranks Boulder

East Boulder Community Center Waldo

The character from Martin Handford's children's book Where's Waldo? has been appearing around Boulder, Colorado, courtesy of an unknown graffiti artist:
In addition to staying true to the original Waldo image, the artist also appears to be keeping with the spirit of hiding Waldo in tough-to-spot locations.

The Waldo painted on top of the Brewing Market, for example, can only be seen from far back in the parking lot. The one on ARHAUS furniture was painted on the top level of the building where it could only be spotted from across the street.

Tyler Kane, who was serving up coffees at the Brewing Market on Monday, said he likes the apparent game - and the lengths that the artist is going to.

"I just love it," he said. "I'm so glad it's there."

 Diagonal Plaza Waldo

Boulder Creek Path Waldo

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