With small changes, familiar objects become art

Untitled (Pipe)
Soner Demirel, Pipsan Pipes, 
Istanbul, Turkey

The pipe for those who can't smoke, and other deceptive items:
For his new project, Err, artist Jeremy Hutchison contacted various factories around the world, and asked if one of their workers would produce an 'incorrect' version of the product they make every day: in doing so, the functional objects became artworks.

"I asked them to make me one of their products, but to make it with an error," Hutchison explains. "I specified that this error should render the object dysfunctional. And rather than my choosing the error, I wanted the factory worker who made it to choose what error to make. Whatever this worker chose to do, I would accept and pay for."

Untitled (Comb)
Mr Kartick, Mr Ram, Mr Vikash, 
Star Creations Ltd, Kolkata, India

Untitled (Sunglasses)
Mr King, Wenzhou Yidao Optical Co, Ltd, 
Wenzhou, China

Untitled (Shovel)
Henryk Wegner, Romanik Tools S.A., 
Gdansk, Poland

- The Art of the Factory, Creative Review Blog>>
Found via Kottke: Intentionally flawed goods, Kottke>>

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