Chinese contraption smuggles Apple products

Smugglers used low-tech - a crossbow, a wire, 
and a winch - to illegally ferry high-tech 
Apple products across the Chinese border.

To avoid paying taxes, a group used a crossbow to shoot a line close to 1,000 feet from a house in Shenzen, China to the 21st floor of a high rise in Hong Kong. They attached a bag to the wire and used a pulley system to ferry iPads and iPhones across the river. Why? To avoid paying the 20% import fee.

Chinese news report

- Hong Kong iPad Smugglers Use Batman Trick. In a scene stolen from The Dark Knight, electronics smugglers in Hong Kong used a faux-zipline to ferry iPads and iPhones across the river to mainland China. Information Week>> 
- The Great Chinese iPad Zipline Smuggling Ring, Gizmodo>>

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