Naked prank during Hurricane Irene

Irrational exuberance and nudity 
are displayed during a storm broadcast

This just cracks me up more than it should. A reporter in Virginia Beach, Virginia is trying to convey the dangers of Hurricane Irene during a live broadcast, and background revelers are playing the fool during the storm, as if to say: "We'll show you who's boss, big bad storm! We'll get stupid and naked! And while we're at it, as a bonus, we've messed with the mainstream media reporter at The Weather Channel! Woohoo!"

Weather Channel Streaker / Flasher / Mooner Prank
(Push 3 after the video starts to get 
to the naked cheeks and dangly bits)

Thanx for the find to Boing Boing: Hurricane Irene: Dude streaks through Weather Channel live shot, Boing Boing (video, pic, NSFW)>>

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