There is definitely something up his sleeve - how gambling cheats use hidden cameras

Minute 16 Mini Spy Camera from the 1950s,
(2 3/4" long, 1 3/4" high, 1" deep)

As camera technology improves, gambling cheats will use it to deceive casinos:
After a few hands, the cutter left the floor and entered a bathroom stall, where he most likely passed the camera to a confederate in an adjoining stall. The runner carried the camera to a gaming analyst in a nearby hotel room, where the analyst transferred the video to a computer, watching it in slow motion to determine the order of the cards. Not quite half an hour had passed since the cut. Baccarat play averages less than six cards a minute, so there were still at least 160 cards left to play through. Back at the table, other members of the gang were delaying the action, glancing at their cellphones and waiting for the analyst to send them the card order...
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- Found via Cory Doctorow's post "Microcameras versus casinos" at Boing Boing>>

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