The lung transplant scam

My relative needed a new lung
and all I got was this lousy... 
hey, I never even got a lousy t-shirt!

A guy in Oregon told his great-uncle that he was very sick and needed a lung transplant. His great-uncle gave him money to help out. However, the man's bank became concerned because, within four months, the generous relative had written $60,000 in checks. Police were contacted and talked to the man, who said no, really, come on, I had that transplant. I went to New York City and had that lung transplanting thing done there. After police checked with the hospital, they arrested 27-year-old Nicholas Scholten, who spent all the money and never needed nor had a transplant.

I don't know what he spent the money on, but it would make a great ending to the story if he spent it all on cigarettes.

Nicholas Scholten

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