Magic in the Rockies

Derek McKee

I'm currently at the magic convention Magic in the Rockies, held in Fort Collins, Colorado, soaking up the performances and lectures by professional deceptionists. When I get back I'll amend this post to include more of my thoughts, but right now I'd like to introduce four magicians: Derek McKee, Paul Draper, Keith Fields and Christian Schenk.

Derek's a young magician featured in the 2010 documentary "Make Believe." Paul's a mentalist / mind reader / comedian working out of Las Vegas. Keith's a Brit transplanted to Detroit who performs hugely entertaining family shows, and Christian's a graphic designer who got bit by the magic bug relatively late. All of them have interesting takes on deception, which I'll explain further a little later. Right now I've got to head to the magic dealer's room, where there are demonstrations of the newest magical technology, and thousand of new and vintage books on the art to thumb through.

Paul Draper

Keith Fields

Christian Schenk

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