7 examples of optical illusion dresses

These dress designs use less than subtle means 
to deceptively slim down these women's bodies
 (An exaggerated hourglass by 
Alexander McQueen )

As always, it's the women who don't need to look slimmer who dress to look slimmer.

The hourglass with a confounding pattern
by Christopher Kane

Black fabric side panels hide the waist
(best against dark backgrounds) 
by Guisheim

 Herve Leger's circuit board stripes

The "remove the hips with black fabric on sides, 
and make the bust bigger with white above, 
off-white below" optical illusion dress

More sneaky black side panels 
by sneaky designer Louise Redknapp

Lost in a grayscale Tron 
optical illusion dress 
by Robert Rodriguez

 And a bonus image:

My eyes, they bleed in black and white
(distracting me from the waistline)
by Missoni


  1. The old style "optical illusion dress" was a dress worn too small, but it fit because of a corset or girdle.

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  3. Where are the dresses that make really skinny girls look curvy?

  4. Corset Dresses provide us the sense of tightly squeezed waists and straps which affect the breath out of females. It had been probably true of corset dresses back while in the Victorian times, Victorian women put on these for one of a few motives - health related purposes or to appear to have the desired hourglass figure of the times. This accentuated the bust by just pushing the breasts upwards, helped the person wearing it to enjoy more erect posture, and it increased the hips also. The contraption was synched to the point of cutting off air in order to reach the expected body size and figure.
    Corset Dresses


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