5 optical illusion street pole ads

Women's lingerie advertised 
by a pole stripper dancer

This advertisement for women's underwear might attract shoppers... until it's stolen by some young men and set up in their frat house basement.

Highland games roadside caber toss

All the edges don't quite line up correctly, but this ad for a Scottish Highland games festival might still make you wonder why some burly guy in a kilt is straining so hard.

Street coffee

This McDonald's ad turns a light pole into a stream of coffee. Not sure what happens to the actual light fixture. This one reminds me of my post on 10 magical floating faucet illusions, but without any real liquid pouring.

A headache cure

An Advil ad illustrates a pounding headache caused by a man impaled by a large metal pole.

A Zwilling knife splits a light pole

This ad's my favorite because it fools you in multiple ways. The knife is huge, but from a distance you can't easily judge the size when it's up against the sky.

Obviously the knife fell off 
the carving table of the gods

The fake billboard knife interacts with the real light pole by "splitting" it, so it looks like the light pole is an integral part of the ad. It also reinforces a selling point - this knife is so sharp, it can cut anything. Nice.

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