Amazingly, his brain told a stupid lie about sex

My brain here, why it no work so well?

It's around 3:00 am when the 911 dispatcher gets the emergency call:
CALLER: Someone is over here in this part here... and they come up on my door and I just need a cop over here as soon as possible.

911: Are they trying to get in?


911: Are they trying to open the door?


911: Do you know who it is?

The caller also says the person outside his door has a gun. The dispatcher immediately sends five police officers, who find a woman outside the home. Not only does the woman not have a gun, she's very upset by the appearance of the police. She appeared at the door of the 911 caller, 24-year-old Keith Gaylor, because they corresponded online via Craigslist and he invited her over at 3:00 a.m. to get better acquainted.

However, some time earlier, Mr. Gaylor's girlfriend had also unexpectedly arrived, so his plans with the new woman were foiled.

Under pressure, "burglar with a gun" seemed the best lie Mr. Gaylor's brain could come up with.

He was charged with false reporting, a misdemeanor.

We will just have to imagine the conversation Mr. Gaylor had with his live-in girlfriend.

- 911 Tapes Released From Craigslist Hookup Gone Wrong, KKTV>>
- The sexy brain image also comes in a more dynamic version, at Photobucket>>

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