Catch bank robbers by giving them funny names

The Wig Out Bandit
("I think it wasn't his real hair")

I've always said that robbing a bank is a crazy crime, since there are so many resources stacked against you. But I'd never thought that giving bank robbers nicknames helps police catch them. Apparently, authorities get together to discuss which cases aren't getting enough publicity, and come up with memorable nicknames that are based on some characteristic or method used by the robbers.

Said FBI agent Phil Niedringhaus:
"The nicknames generate instant media coverage and instant public attention, and it gets quick results."
The FBI said they don't make fun of race, violate copyrights or make obscene jokes with the names. I can only imagine the nicknames they come up with behind closed doors.

More Colorado examples:

The Shaggy Bandit
(Named for his Scooby-Do-like goatee)

"What? I was hungry!"

The Slim Fast Bandit
(Because she's so skinny)

The Top Heavy Bandit
 (For crimes against showing upper body fat)

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