The fake corpse of a provocative Chinese artist

An art gallery in Germany looks like 
it has a body on its floor.

The body, a realistic piece of art by the artist He Xiangyu, is a likeness of the Chinese artist and dissident Ai WeiWei.

Some residents in the German town of Bad Ems, 
where the work is being exhibited, 
have called police, thinking the body is real.

The real face of Ai WeiWei
The real Ai WeiWei, a critically acclaimed artist and dissident critical of Chinese government corruption, "disappeared" for 81 days when he was detained by the government. After his release, officials told him not to speak publicly about his arrest, which was supposedly over a $2.4 million tax bill. Not only did Ai WeiWei talk about the case, but he released his "tax bill" on the internet and spoke to the media:
"Ordinary people will not be able to endure this. But because they've targeted me, I'm still willing to accompany them on this road. Because I'm not afraid of them. I think it's improper that a country is engaging in shameless activities...

I think I win morally. I'm very lucky to have this kind of position. The normal act that I've taken - just to ask the truth - has become very heroic in this nation."
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